The Beauty and Simplicity of Natural Beauty Products

Natural beauty products are a way that any woman can get the things she needs to enhance her look, but without using products that are formulated with harsh, man-made chemicals. There is careful consideration for the ingredients that go into creating natural cosmetics, which make them a good investment for those that want to stay away from synthetic products that may do more harm than good.

The power of minerals is often utilized in natural beauty products. Minerals are a basic substance found in the earth, and are used in everything, including all natural makeup. The most common mineral elements included in mineral powder foundation and other mineral makeup products include zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, and mica. These minerals are also found in regular makeup, but with natural cosmetics, you are spared from the additional harsh, chemical irritants. Mineral eyeshadow and foundation make up only contain the minerals and other natural ingredients. This provides a way for those with bad acne or sensitive skin to use makeup and not have to worry that the cosmetics may be contributing to or worsening the problem.

Those that are not convinced that a mineral blush and other natural beauty products can be helpful should read a list of common ingredients typically found in cosmetic products. Anyone that looks at these lists will find a host of synthetic dyes, fragrances, and unnecessary preservatives. Women who have sensitive skin may be irritated by one or more of these chemicals, making the condition worse.

Women that choose to use natural beauty products have the advantage of receiving a lighter makeup that still offers that natural glow. And mineral makeup is just as long-lasting as the rest. That is why many women have made the switch from beauty products filled with chemicals to utilize the power of all natural mineral ingredients. Mineral makeup has also reached the point of popularity where women don’t have to shell out a fortune to get these natural ingredients. Natural cosmetics are a healthy and worthwhile investment in your beauty.

Hair Health – How Do I Get Beautiful, Healthy and Long Hair?

Hair health is important as hair is a women’s glory, or so I’ve heard my mother say. Hair is something of an obsession. We all want beautiful hair. The best thing to attain this is to keep it simple. You can spend a fortune on products and still be left wanting beautiful hair. The basic simple steps you can follow to achieve beautiful hairs are as follows; use good basic products, eat well and don’t over do it.

Good products do not have to be costly. The first and most empowering thing to be done is accept what you have. No matter the hair type you have, you’re best off accepting and working with it. If it’s straight, curly, thin, think or grey, enjoy that. There’s no use wishing and wanting for something you don’t have. Using chemical means to achieve other than what you have will only damage your hair, cost you a lot of time and money and still not attain the end goal. Your hair is what it is, accept it, be happy with it and move on enjoying more important things in life. Big bonus, the opposite sex over whelming likes natural hair over processed high maintenance hair. So relax buy yourself the simple products that work best for your hair type and save your energy for more tangible goals.

Simply put good healthy foods are good for your hair. We all know that junk food is called junk food for a good reason. Want your hair to look like junk, NO, well don’t eat it then. Good food is also very good for the exterior of your locks. I have dry hair and find olive oil to be a priceless commodity.

My hair is really dry, curly and red. I drench my locks with olive oil at least once a week and rinse it out with a good conditioner for dry hair. I use shampoo only about once a month and I do so just to get the hair spray out I use on my bang area, on occasions. Other than that I condition my hair clean. It does need to be hydrated and often. I do this by rinsing well in the shower and conditioning only. Shampoo only dries my hair out and leaves it unmanageable.

Finally, avoid excessive color, perms and other harsh chemical products. The closer you allow your hair to be to its natural state, the more beautiful it will be. Take a moment today and look at children. Don’t they have great hair? It’s shiny, bouncy and just beautiful. Think for a moment of all the things they put on their hair. Hum, get the picture. Remember to be kind to your hair and not pulling, breaking or stressing it in day to day activities. Last but not least, for those of us with long hair, put it up in a gentle up do or pony tail at bedtime. Sweet Dreams…

Much Love and Success,

How to Enjoy a Spa Experience Without Spending Any Money – The Beauty Parlor in Your Fridge

Forget paying a fortune for beauty treatments at a spa, simply go to your fridge and treat yourself to a healthy do-it-yourself makeover using natural ingredients. Why not save a fortune on shop bought beauty products and make your own using every day ingredients that you already have? Natural beauty can also be frugal. During these harsh economic times, pamper yourself without spending a single penny.

Face First

Natural yogurt can be used to cleanse and exfoliate the face. To create a moisturizing and gently exfoliating cleanser mix with oatmeal and wash off with warm water. Mix with honey and apply with cotton wool for a moisturizing cleanser.

Put a sparkle back into your eyes through the use of cucumber. Simply take two slices of cucumber and cover the eyes to cool, refresh and lessen dark circles.

A simple toner can be made by splashing the face with cold water. For greasy skin add a few drops of lemon juice to the cold water or for normal skins add a few drops of cucumber juice and apply using cotton wool.

If your skin is feeling dry or tired and in need of an exotic pick-me-up, then an enriching face masque can be made by mashing an avocado with a tablespoon of natural yogurt or cream.

Hands and Feet

A wonderful moisturizing and exfoliating treatment for your hands and feet can be made by mashing a handful of strawberries with a couple of tablespoons of olive oil together with a tablespoon of course sea salt. Massage this deliciously aromatic mix into your hands and feet.

Your Body

Treat yourself to a bath fit for a queen and create a sumptuously moisturizing milk bath. Simply add one cup of milk to warm bath water. Of course to make this an even more frugal beauty treat use a 1/4 to 1/2 a cup of powdered milk instead of fresh. To increase the moisturizing effect hang a muslin bag of oats under the taps whilst running the bath.

Hair Care

Pamper your hair with a masque made from mashed avocado or mango mixed with cream or natural yogurt. Rinse with a herb infusion such as chamomile, thyme or rosemary; which is a great way to use any herbs left wilting in the bottom of the fridge. If fresh herbs aren’t available herbal teas can be used instead.

We waste hundreds of pounds (or dollars) of fresh food every year; instead of throwing out those tired and wilting fruits or vegetables use a bit of ingenuity and whip up a refreshing and nutritious beauty treat. Not only will you be giving yourself a wonderfully natural yet frugal spa experience but you will also be playing a part in reducing waste.

Selecting The Correct Shampoo

We need to be looking for an all-natural herbal shampoo that will not make our hair feel dry, brittle and unhealthy looking. We all want a quality shampoo that will leave our hair looking shinier, fuller and healthier. The environment and weather can leave your hair without moisture and color, and looking like straw. Shampoos should be selected depending on the texture of you hair: straight, wavy, curly or kinky. There are shampoos for all types of hair:

Fast Growing

Shampoos are meant to remove dirt, oil and every day buildups from your hair and make it healthy to the touch. On meeting others, the first thing they notice is your face and your hair. Having beautiful, healthy hair can accomplish a lot in that first meeting. When you are confident with your appearance, you are confident with your ability to impress others.

A quality shampoo should provide deep cleaning, promote natural, healthy hair growth and leave your hair clean and nutrient rich, while giving it more brilliance and thickness. It should be easy to use, leaving your hair with a natural shine and improving its body and volume; leaving it with a noticeable difference. Getting the beautiful, healthy hair you are looking for can be a challenge and like others, you have tried many different types of shampoos. Getting your dream hair is not impossible with help from the correct shampoo, and remember, the best shampoos are all about their ingredients.

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