The Beauty of Sweat

You perspire. I perspire. We all perspire! Perspiration performs a magnificent function in your body and, despite the popularity of anti-perspirants, there are lots of reasons to be pro-sweat!

What is sweat?

Sweat is mostly composed of water, electrolytes and urea, but may also contain sugar, ammonia, wastes and toxins. In short, sweat is your own personal coolant and cleanser. It’s actually fragrance-free, but when it comingles with bacteria on the skin, can produce an odor.

When your internal body heat raises above normal (98.6 degrees), an all-natural-totally-organic-free-of-charge air conditioning system kicks in. Your brain contacts tiny blood vessels that are close to the skin, and signals them to dilate. Then, as blood carries excess heat to these vessels they receive that heat, which then radiates through your skin.

When this doesn’t do the trick, your brain will activate sweating, causing water (sweat) to be released through pores. As air touches or blows over your skin, the water evaporates, and that’s what cools you down.


The skin is such a powerful eliminative organ that many health professionals have nicknamed it the “third kidney.”

Your body uses sweat to transport waste and toxins from the inside to the outside through pores in the skin. It’s a light internal cleanse. The process also unclogs pores and, as long as you provide the external cleanse soon after, helps to naturally brighten your complexion without a single dab of a cosmetic or cream.

Circulation and… cardio?
Sweat is a “homeostatic” mechanism. Homeostasis is a process that keeps your body’s internal environment, in this case temperature, stable. Soaking in a steam bath or a hot sauna may require no aerobic exertion, but as your body works for that perfect balance, your heart rate increases, also increasing circulation and metabolism. Add a brisk walk or some dance-aerobics, and you’ve got a heart-healthy plan for life.

Immune System.
I’m sure you’ve noticed that when you get sick your body often heats up? Instead of influenza fever, how about sauna? Researchers believe that raised body temperature 1) makes you un-inhabitable by certain bacteria, and 2) helps you to detoxify, ie sweat it out, as a part of the immune response. Whether you heat up through exercise or sauna, your body responds as if it were fighting an infection; thus, increasing production and circulation of white (disease-fighting) blood cells.

Stress Relief.
Sweating alone may not relieve your stress, but your muscles are more likely to release tension when warmed. Go to the sauna, a steam room or hot bath. Breathe deeply and slowly. Let your muscles relax. You might notice that certain thoughts cause you to tighten up. Say a prayer. Let them go. Watch the tension drip off of you with every bead of healthy perspiration.

Rallying Up the Beauty Slope

Where have we come in our lives? For good or bad, we have come to a point where external appearance has begun to matter a great deal. People try out every thing within their reach to stay in shape. They use up every trick up their repertoire to look vibrant, full of radiance. They keep a proper frame of hair lock; squeeze it tight, sophisticatedly straight or even flipped out sexily. Similarly they give their face great value. Any amount of pigmentation or wrinkle or dark areas on the face is an object of dread and causes shivers in people today.

This is a result of the choices that the society has made for itself. Now there is a flip side and a flop side to it. The flop side says that any amount of personal care can’t help us fruitfully achieve our life’s aim if there is internal vacuum. The flip side says that a healthy body breeds a healthy mind. When a person looks great in appearance, what it does is increase his or her self- confidence automatically. This makes him or her smarter in the workplace and a head turner in the social circles.

A lot many creams and facial beauty packs are working along the lines of making more beautiful individuals. Many kind of natural herbs aim to tighten the skin, cutting down on the chance of wrinkle formation. It is important for a facial treatment to have the right Ph value, this way they can also be used by acne-prone people. Those type of keratin which locks moisture in the skin surface helps to tighten the skin. Soaps contain many anti-bacterial agents which have properties to heal and also help in growth and renovation of cells. It is important to balance the tone of skin in a way that any excess level of oil is cut down. Much soap smartly fulfills the objective.

Cor Soap: Silver Service Treatment for the Face is one such product which claims to take care of the face requirements. It deposits the ingredients straightaway to the mesoderm of the skin, through the numerous pores on the surface of the face. All the ingredients working for Cor soap are extremely tiny in size and thus find it easy to crack into the skin surface. It thus helps kill all kinds of bacteria, lessens wrinkles, and feeds the skin properly. It is a multipurpose soap which strips the skin cleaner, makes the skin tone homogenous, replenishes discoloration due to pigmentation, and gives UV shelter.

The method is simple. With the Cor soap, one has to form lather and then foam and rinse the soap. Cor uses the precepts of silver as an anti-bacterial healing material. Silver present in Cor also helps in the growth of skin cells.

Argan Moroccan Oil – The Beauty Panacea

Argan Moroccan Oil is an organic naturally grown product that Moroccan women have been using on their skin, hair and nails for hundreds of years. The oil provides protection in the hot climate, and has many health and beauty experts promoting and recommending its use to women around the world. The increasing popularity of products containing this oil urges a closer look at its origins, its benefits, and its availability.

What is the oil used for?
One popular use for the oil is as a full moisturizing hair conditioner, restoring shine and manageability. It protects the hair from environmental stressors especially the sun and dry air. It is also a powerful product that repairs and smoothes the hair cuticle, and then provides further protection from heat-styling including high temperature ceramic straighteners. When used in concentrated amounts, the oil is lightweight and absorbs instantly into the hair. This allows the oil to moisturize and revitalize without flattening the hair with a heavy oily appearance. In fact, it brings about a shine and bounce that is hard to beat.

In addition to these hair benefits, Argan Moroccan oil is also used on skin and nails. In fact, Moroccan women use it for many health and beauty benefits. It has been used to moisturize skin, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, prevent stretch marks, correct sun damage, and generally improve the look and feel of the skin. The oil also has some anti-acne benefits by actually normalizing the balance of the skin, so it is starting to be used in some anti-acne products.

It also has been known to contribute to healthy cuticles and nails keeping them soft and youthful looking. Products containing these oils are also showing up on lists of manicurists’ favorites.

Moroccan women and the health of their skin and hair are long-standing examples of the benefits of this oil. And, now research has been conducted that has confirmed the features and benefits for hair, skin and nails. In recent years, the oil has been added to a variety of beauty and health products that take advantage of this unique ingredient.

Why is the Argan Moroccan oil so beneficial?
The oil is rich in vitamin E and essential fatty acids. It is now commonly regarded as an incredibly unique and highly coveted anti-aging product. Other important ingredients in the oil include carotenoids, ferulic acid, sterols, polyphenols and organic antioxidants. The combination of these ingredients serves as a natural way for women all over the world to maintain their skin’s healthy and youthful radiance.

Where does the oil come from?

This multi-use oil is found inside the seeds of the argan tree fruit. These trees are quite rare and only grow in certain specific regions. The desert southwest of Morocco is one of these regions. In addition, to the rarity of the tree, the production of this oil is generally done by hand, making the oil a highly anticipated and rare final product.

Even today, the oil is sometimes extracted from the seeds and processed by hand. Once the fruit is opened, the inside nuts are separated from the soft pulp and put in the sun to dry. The dried nuts are then cracked open with stones. At that point the seeds are removed. These seeds are then ground into a thick paste, and then squeezed to produce the oil.

With the growing popularity of the Argan Moroccan oil, it is more frequently harvested and processed with machines in a clean factory setting.

How does this production impact the environment?
In addition to the wonderful benefits it provides, it is good to know that the production of Argan Moroccan Oil does not harm the environment in which the trees grow. Since the oil comes from the seeds inside the tree’s fruit, the oil is produced with no harm or destruction to the trees. In addition, the production and distribution of this oil is done using fair trade practices and processes, providing the Moroccan people who grow and process the oil a fair wage for their commodity.

In fact, all of the oil that is produced in this region of the world is produced by a women’s cooperative. This cooperative has established an ecosystem reforestation project so that these trees will be protected and the production of the oil can continue as an exported product that supports the people in this area.

The growing popularity of the oil in health and beauty products in the past ten years has led to a demand that keeps the product in high demand.

Learn the Beautiful Art of Parenting

Parenting is a beautiful art that blends the colors of love, care, concern, and warmth. Not all parents have same set of skills and abilities but still all children can grow in a healthy and comfortable environment. It’s just a matter of how you tackle different situations and how you stimulate your child’s growth.

Most of the parents make one big mistake of connecting their aspirations and dreams with their children’s success. All parents want their children to be successful in this competitive world and therefore they all push their children hard. There is resentment if their children are not able to fulfill their aspirations. Is this parenting all about? Is this what successful parents are known for?

Just give a thought over that special moment when you took your baby in your arms for the first time. Think about the tender loving touch, the nappy change, a cuddle, and a big smile the birth of your child gave you. You’ll feel a deep sense of contentment; you’ll feel happy, then why this kind of resentment today? Don’t force your dreams and ambitions on your child. Just follow your heart and allow your child’s lead.

When it comes to good parenting, the most important agenda is how parents raise their children. It should always be a fun filled journey that you move with your children. You should enjoy every single step that you move along teaching good thing and imparting values within your child. Don’t take it as a job or a mission, just look at his moving steps, listen to his unspoken words, learn his silent language, and discover him. Give him all the love and care he deserves and demands to thrive in this competitive world.

As they grow, don’t let them be buried under your aspirations and expectations. Let them grow their own way and take a huge flight in an open world outside. Expose them to warmth, security, and friendliness. Let them know you are there whenever they need you. Let them feel your presence and shower all your love. Always remember that showering your love is very crucial for healthy growth of your child but that does not mean that you fulfill all your child’s unwanted demands. Don’t replace your love with materialistic things, that’s not love. This will rather spoil your child and lead him or her to an unwanted and unwished destination. Try and maintain a balance in all what you do. Too much liberalism is also not good and too much harshness is also not healthy as both in the end deliver harsh colors of reality.

It is equally important to understand your child’s need and behavior. Know what he or she wants to achieve in life and drop your own expectations. Be proud of their accomplishments, congratulate them on their academic success but don’t bury them under your heavy wishes, dreams, and expectations. Accept them as they are and let them create their own milestones. Every child is different in its own way and fortunately or unfortunately not all can be doctors, not all can be managers, not all can be actors. Every child has his or her own dream and his or her own way of life. Don’t try to suppress your child’s drive and appreciate him or her for what he or she is achieving.

Your child needs you at every step so be his or her friend at every stage. Listen to your child, respond with love, and let him explore his or her own world of possibilities. Furthermore, acknowledge your child’s feelings and give him the most secured feeling of being loved all the time all the way. Then, of course the art of parenting will sprinkle new colors of joy and excitement to your life, making your life more beautiful and heavenly.

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